Three Longships sail off in search of plunder and adventure upon the Fjords


Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War is designed on a 10mm miniature wargaming scale. Like most games at this scale, it has been tweaked to make the game work optimally during gameplay. 

  • One example is that weapons and proportions can sometimes be chunkier than they normally would be on miniatures (to avoid breakages and to assist printing).  
  • Another example is that ship hull proportions can be slightly changed to accommodate the crew elements that are to exist within them.  

Our focus is to host Viking naval battles from medium to large in nature. Crew stands represent that many fighting men on a 1-for-1 basis. Leidang crew stands have 8 figures, Elite crew stands have 6 figures, and unique leaders and heroes have 1.


One of the most impressive features of Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War is how the longships and crew seamlessly interact on the battlefield. They create a visually exciting and immersive gaming experience. 

Longship masts can be changed during play to show movement type, crew can be moved around to directly interact with both friendly and enemy ships during play, and all can be customised visually to your standards. 


There isn’t a game like Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War to our knowledge. We are replicating a very specific type of warfare in which Vikings engaged in. The way in which they did this is very unique to them. 

Careful effort has been put into the game to make this as fast paced and exciting as it should be. Each engagement feels like a mini saga from the Heimskringla, and heroic deeds and misfortunes are generally rewarded accordingly. 

As a Jarl you are constantly having to weigh up your actions and anticipate your opponents in return. Do you brace those Berserks in case they get shot, or do you use them to push forward immediately without backup? Do you try to remove the enemy’s grapples on your ship, or do you assist your archers to make a powerful shooting attack next activation?


Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War is in essence a historical wargame. The setting, ships, warrior types, motivations, stories and culture are all based on the evidence we have about real Vikings (being those Dark Age Scandinavians that chose to raid and trade between their neighbours and enemies for personal gain). 

Not all Scandinavian peoples were Vikings, as to be one was associated with the activity done by this group of people, not the people as a whole. We use the term Viking within our game, as it is easily recognisable and the forces you are playing with represent actual Vikings engaging in Viking activities. 

We know from archaeological finds, sagas, written accounts, cultural trends, pagan mythology, burial mounds and picture stones who these people are and what they did in life. 

The Karvi and Snekkja Longships from the kickstarter box set in all their glory

Thankfully for the game, we have beautifully preserved Viking ships to base our models off, and detailed descriptions of warriors and their role in society and upon Viking raids.

For the sake of entertainment, we have grouped the more unique crew models (being Berserkers and Ulfednar) into their own units. Historical sources would point to them being used this way, but there is always debate as to their exact roles.  We have done our best to reflect their historical counterparts through their unique skills in game. 

Crew stands have also been grouped into weapon types, to allow for a more tactical function within the game. Historically they may have been more combined, but we are representing the percentage of crew armed in this way on board a ship. 

We have also taken some liberty with putting all Bondsmen / Karls / Freemen into the category of Leidang. This is a term which may have used later in the Viking age, but it represents those freemen who would provide crew and a vessel to their Jarl / King in times of war and raid. We feel this term more accurately describes the role these levy troops play in the game. 

Prototype Hirdman Swordsmen and Leidang Archers from the Kickstarter