Heroes of Fjord Serpents

With pre-production rounding out I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of the Heroes that are available from the Heroes & Kings booster pack. The rules of which will be in the main rulebook. 

Check it out, pretty insane for 10mm….

This is just a glimpse of the works near complete, with a few minor tweaks incoming. Loving the direction of them and we will have a couple of famous kings models to round out the set. 

The pledge manager will be open until the end of the month if you are interested, then we will be closing it off for production. 

We hope to have a .pdf cut-down version of the rulebook and fleet creation information to you very soon as the rulebook is being proofed and edited as we speak. 


Creating FJORD SERPENTS terrain is fun and easy

Creating FJORD SERPENTS terrain is fun and easy. 10mm wargaming is a great scale to bring your creativity out and bring it to life upon the game board. 

Fjords are unique and amazing terrain features, consisting of sheer cliff faces and waterfalls, that were carved out over millennia by receding glaciers. These treacherous waterways could be fatal to sailors that were not at the top of their game….

Viking navigators faced many obstacles whilst moving through the Fjords and inlets, but none were as dangerous and sometimes partially hidden as the Skerry. These are rocky, island formations that range from small to large in size. 

An accompanying video will be produced to go through some of the basic construction techniques shown here. You will find that these are all simple to create once you know how. 

All terrain made by Luke Payne / Hammer of the North. 


The Journey to Creating Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War

Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War was not a project that sprung up out of the blue, it was the culmination of decades of dedication and absorption into Dark Age history. 

For over 20 years, Luke Payne has devoted much of his time and effort into re-learning the lost arts, fighting styles, craft and knowledge of the Dark Age Scandinavians (Vikings), Rus (early Russians) and Eastern Romans (Byzantium). 

This has culminated in the forming of a major reenactment society, several large public events (like the Viking Culture Day) and the founding of Hammer of the North (a traditional weapon and armour manufacturing business). 

During the pandemic years, all of these activities ground to a sudden halt, and like many Luke found his creative outlet shut down and out of reach. He decided to channel that excess energy into Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War, tapping into his other great passion, miniature war gaming. 

An avid wargamer for over 35 years and publisher of several comic and gaming titles from the early 2000s, Luke took up his notebooks with 100’s of gaming ideas and found a gem of an idea that has transformed into what you are now looking at.

* 11 objectives were originally written down as a focus for the project. Direct from the notes scribbled down many years ago, these were: 

1. Modular ships and crew (game pieces), collectible in design and interactive in game.

2. Highly strategic, but graceful, easy flow rules, that can be played in campaign or competitive mode.

3. Inner depth to the rules that see pre-planning and good execution rewarded (outside of dice rolls), and fool-hardy fumbling penalised.

4. Plenty of customisation and variables in fleet design (e.g., Crew, abilities, ship types, ship upgrades, heroes, special characters etc.)

5. A realistic movement system based loosely on real sailing and rowing but streamlined for speed and fun in game. Gauges may be used to replicate this.

6. A unique valour system that can enhance game experience and create real decision making during the course of the game that effects outcomes greatly. (Eg. Valour could be gained by achieving victory in battles and primary / secondary objectives; but can also be spent I game in critical, Heroic actions to tip tide of luck in your favour. This will then reduce your overall achievement at the end of game, but maybe give you ‘saga’ points towards your reputation) 

7. A dynamic and exciting combat system that incorporates boarding actions during ship-based conflicts, enabling players to clear enemy ships, destroy them, capture them and have other unique interactions based on crews and characters.

8. A fjord-based map and terrain system that directly effects gameplay and movement, but also historically looks the part of Scandinavia where these fleet actions took place.

9. A leader creation system that gives them flavour and personality, which could include positive and negative traits plus unique abilities

10. Playable, dynamic factions with their own unique flavour and abilities. Leaders could have faction and battle traits they possess. Known Characters could bring their own to the game, pointed accordingly.

11. Viking history and sagas interwoven through the rules and game.

Interestingly, all of these points have been woven into the final product even if many are further refined in delivery. 

Many highly talented artists, sculptors, editors and play testers have been involved in what has become Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War. But that is a story for another day….

We thank you for your support and urge you to help us to promote and spread the word about Fjord Serpents – Vikings at War in any way you can. It is an ambitious project, and we are determined to make it a success and support it well into the future. But in order to achieve our manufacturing goals we need funding pledges. 

Many thanks 🙂


FJORD SERPENTS – ‘How to Play’ Videos Live (Part 2)

Parts 3 & 4 of our ‘How to Play’ series of videos is live and updated on the Kickstarter page. 

Alternatively, you can watch them here: 

The next to episodes will cover Combat & Ship Collisions. 

If you have any suggestions for videos, then please let me know in the comments section. 


FJORD SERPENTS – ‘How to Play’ Videos Live

Parts 1 & 2 of our ‘How to Play’ videos are live and updated to the Kickstarter page. 

Alternatively, you can view them through these links: 

If you have any suggestions for videos about the game, then please add your thoughts to the comments section of Kickstarter. 

Thanks for your support, let’s make this project a success together. 

Luke Payne